With LiveConnect CDS statistics you can see a comprehensive statistics on how many times your media has been shown within a given period.

This is, for example. useful for ad sales where annoncøerne often require proof that their ads have been displayed.

Statistics system operates so that all player units 1 time each. hours report back to the server with a log of how many times each medium has been shown on screen.

This will be converted to a single date statistics which can be accessed via. system.

To gain access to the statistics, click on the tab "Statistics" at the top of LiveConnect CDS.

 Search Criteria:

In the box "Search Criteria" allows you to define the view for a specified period or for specific units.

Check the box "Show deleted content" you will also see statistics recently deleted media.

 "Content Channel" statistics:

In the statistics box, you can see statistics figures for each media. The media is indexed by their content channels, and displays statistics for the selected period.