Video and Sound

Video and Sound

Allows you to create video or lydspots to your playlist.

 LiveConnect CDS can play the following formats: Windows Media Video / Audio (WMV / WMA), Mpeg (1,2,4), Mp3, Wav. Video playback is always fully scaled in the layer it is placed in.

NB.: All videos and audio files to be uploaded to the file archive BEFORE they can be used in a playlist!

To create a video or lydspot in your playlist, do the following:

  1. Select the playlist you want to create the media in.
  2. Click "Add Media" at the top of the main window.
  3. Select "Video / Audio" and click "Select".
  4. Enter a name to the media in the "Name".
  5. Choose which video / audio file to play in the "Content".
  6. Click "Save".

The media will now be created in the playlist.