1.3.1.k YouTube Media
Skrevet af Christina Christensen d. 30 October 2012 09:18

It is possible to create a YouTube media as follows:???

  1. Go to and find the video clip you want to use in your content channel.
  2. Go to and log in with your login information.
  3. Select the content channel you want to create YouTube medium in.
  4. Press the "Create Playlist" and enter the desired name in the "Name".
  5. Press "Save".
  6. Now you will be in the newly created media list.
  7. Press the "Add Media".
  8. Select "YouTube" in the list.
  9. Copy the URL from in your Internet Explorer.

  10.  Paste the URL in the box "Enter Information" in the "URL".
  11.  Then it will fill in name mm. and will field "URL" get a picture of the movie you inserted.
  12.  In the "URL" is a volume slider where you can set how loud the sound should be.
  13.  Press the "Save"
  14.  The media is now created and is ready to be sent to the screen.

NB.: Please note that the video is streamed directly from YouTube and consequently can lead to very large load on the Internet connection.


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